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Salina Jane

Salina Jane Gani was born and brought up in London to East Indian, Guyanese parents. She has always had a passion for art and storytelling in pictures and has drawn from a very young age. As a child, she loved illustrated children’s books and fairy tales, particularly the illustrations of Charles Keeping and Michael Forman and dreamed of being a book illustrator when she grew up. 

Salina studied art at WSCAD, in Farnham, and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, specialising in printmaking. She often works in lino, woodcut and etchings to create bold fantastical pieces full of mystery, imagination, and narrative. One of Salina’s other favourite mediums remains drawing, particularly with ink, and she tends to often use black and white, creating fine details which draw the viewer in. She has a passion for art that tells a story.  

Much of Salina’s work is concerned with telling stories, of life in London, her passions, hobbies and loves and through a series of commissioned works, “Let me illustrate your life and loves” she has had the privilege to tell the stories of others.

Salina also creates art about knitting amongst other crafts and in 2018 created a beautifully illustrated storybook with her husband Luke Fay, ‘The Journey Shawl’.  Salina has had the honour to be the artist representing Guyana at various Caribbean exhibitions and events where she has exhibited work exploring her family background and the journey of the Indian Diaspora.  

Salina is an Artist, Illustrator and Printmaker creating and teaching art in SE London.

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