Latest Meetings

  • Zoom Meeting Jan 11th Demonstration - Pastels - Rick Holmes

  • Zoom Meeting Jan 25th Talk – Gwen and Augustus John – Alan Reid

  • Zoom Meeting Feb 8th - Demonstration - Oils - Rosso Emerald Crimson

131st Annual Exhibition

For our 131st annual exhibition, we have had to go virtual. Please click the picture for details

Whitgift Gallery Link.jpg

The Croydon Art Society has won the 'Art Club of the Year 2018' award. Link

Winning entries below

Looking Out, Looking In, collage, (39x51cm) by Anthony Waldbaum

Pale Rider Still at Speed, watercolour, (54x65cm) by Roger Lewis

Panhead, watercolour, (35x40cm) by Russell Elliott

The Pig Farm, oil, (60x50cm) by Julia Nolan

Green Mountain Chorus, oil, (62x49cm) by Haruko Posford