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Denbies 2021 Annual Exhibition is now open daily from 9:30 - 4:30. closes 3:00 pm

Sunday 19th September

Denbies Wine Estate



The Croydon Art Society is believed to be one of the oldest Art Societies in England, outside of London.  For a few years prior to its foundation, the Society was called ‘The Watteau Society’, no doubt in honour of the great French artist.
As the group grew in size and importance the name was changed to establish its association with the Borough. Now, and indeed for some time past, the Society’s annual exhibition at the end of the year is regarded as a major art event in the Croydon ‘calendar’.  Visitors to the exhibition are assured of seeing work of the highest standard.


The Society is justly proud to have included throughout its history many distinguished artists as members.   Names from the past include Jack Merriott, Juliet Pannett, William Watkins, Wilfred Fryer, Hesketh Hubbard and Cicely Mary Barker of ‘Flower Fairy’ fame

CAS Programme 2020/21

  • Sep 13th Demo – Watercolour - Pauline Hazelwood

  • Sep 27th Practical Evening - Life Model


  • Oct 11th Critique/Appreciation 

  • Oct 25th Talk - Scottish Colourists - Ronnie Ireland