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The Croydon Art Society 131st Annual Exhibition

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How to purchase a painting

At the bottom right of each painting, there is a link to a form you can fill in to inquire about a painting or follow a link here: Painting Enquiry

To navigate the gallery click and hold down your lefthand mouse button to look around. Click the lefthand mouse button once to move forward in the room. If you have set your browser to a zoom level higher than 100% some information may fall off the bottom

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Click thumbnails to load Gallery directly into specific room.

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Old Palace

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Painting Locations

Gallery             Artist                                        Title

Whitgift               Mary Allen                         SUNLIGHT THROUGH THE TREES IN THE NEW FOREST

Whitgift               May Allen                           SUNLIGHT IN THE LAKE DISTRICT

Coombe               Jennifer Arnold                 BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER SEVERN, WORCESTER

Fairfield               Jennifer Arnold                 PENNY ON AN AUTUMN DAY

Old Palace           Jennifer Arnold                 A LISBON PARK

Old Palace           Jennifer Arnold                 HUGH

Arnhem                Lisajane Braun                  THE QUIETING

Coombe               Lisajane Braun                  MOTHER AND CHILD

Wandle                Lisajane Braun                  WELSH POPPIES

Wandle                Lisajane Braun                  THE QUIETING

Wandle                Ailsa Chapman                  PHALEONOPSIS, MOTH ORCHID

Coombe               Ailsa Chapman                  IRIDACEAE

Arnhem                Ailsa Chapman                  RED, RED ROSE

Wandle                Ailsa Chapman                  ROSA, PRETTY POLLY

Whitgift               Terry Charles                     VANCOUVER WATERFRONT

Old Palace           Terry Charles                     DOCKYARD LIGHTS

Fairfield               Terry Charles                     INTO THE LIGHT

Whitgift               Terry Charles                     SECRET GARDEN

Wandle                Terry Charles                     SQUASH TOGETHER

Fairfield               Vivian Clarke                     HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT FROM ACROSS

Wandle                Vivian Clarke                     CHRISTCHURCH, DORSET

Old Palace           Vivian Clarke                     APPLE BLOSSOM

Coombe               Vivian Clarke                     EVENING LIGHT, VENICE

Arnhem                Neil Collins                         OLD LONDON

Fairfield               Neil Collins                         AUTUMN'S GLOW

Whitgift               Neil Collins                         HOW IT WAS

Coombe               Neil Collins                         SHIFT OVER

Coombe               Neil Collins                         EVENING LIGHT

Coombe               Loren Dixon                       THREE'S A CROWD

Wandle                Loren Dixon                       CHRYSANTHEMUM

Old Palace           Helen Draper                     UMBERLEY, DEVON

Old Palace           Helen Draper                     MY GARDEN SHED

Arnhem                Margaret Eggleton          INTO THE LIGHT

Coombe               Margaret Eggleton          ADMIRALTY ARCH

Coombe               Margaret Eggleton          ANNE HATHAWAY'S COTTAGE

Fairfield               Margaret Eggleton          VENETIAN ODYSSEY

Fairfield               Margaret Eggleton          A GONDOLA IN VENICE

Fairfield               Russell Elliott                    GOLDEN HAIRED GIRL

Old Palace           Russell Elliott                    INTO THE LIGHT

Fairfield               Douglas Fanthome           NEWQUAY SURFERS

Coombe               Douglas Fanthome           A BACKWATER IN VENICE

Wandle                Douglas Fanthome           JAMMING IN ESTEPONA

Coombe               Douglas Fanthome           EVENING LIGHT IN MEVAGISSEY

Coombe               Douglas Fanthome           A HOT DAY IN TOLEDO

Old Palace           Jackie Flaherty                  INTO THE LIGHT

Fairfield               Jackie Flaherty                  GREY MARE

Old Palace           Jackie Flaherty                  JOY OF WATER

Arnhem                Jackie Flaherty                  POETRY IN MOTION

Old Palace           Jackie Flaherty                  RAVEN

Fairfield               Dianne Gilmour                EARLY MORNING, SOUTH NORWOOD LAKED

Arnhem                Dianne Gilmour                SUNRISE, SOUTH NORWOOD LAKE

Wandle                Dianne Gilmour                CRYSTAL PALACE DINOSAURS

Arnhem                Dianne Gilmour                WATCHET BEACH, SOMERSET

Wandle                Dianne Gilmour                WHITE ROSES

Old Palace           Sandi Jane Gray                WHITE ROSES

Arnhem                Sandi Jane Gray                DIGITALIS

Wandle                Sandi Jane Gray                PLENTY OF PANSIES

Fairfield               Sandi Jane Gray                MEDITERRANEAN AUTUMN

Whitgift               Sandi Jane Gray                SUNFLOWERS AND PEARS

Arnhem                Jennie Grover                    A CLOUDBURST OVER THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA

Arnhem                Jennie Grover                    MESA ARCH, CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK

Coombe               Jennie Grover                    BIG SKY COUNTRY

Wandle                John Gurney                      MORNING SHIFT

Arnhem                Ken Head                           CORPUS CHRISTI, VENICE

Old Palace           Ken Head                           INTO THE LIGHT, THE TOTNES FERRY

Old Palace           Ken Head                           PERFORMANCE AT THE GLOBE

Whitgift               Ken Head                           BOAT TALK, HONFLEUR

Whitgift               Teresa Hoy                        HEART MANDALA

Fairfield               Teresa Hoy                        RED MANDALA

Whitgift               Teresa Hoy                        SWIRLING LOTUS MANDALA

Fairfield               Yellon Ran Huang             THE CITY BEYOND THE TREES

Old Palace           Andrew Laidler                 INTO THE LIGHT

Whitgift               Andrew Laidler                 LEAVES, BRANCHES AND SKY

Arnhem                Andrew Laidler                 LEITH HILL SCENE

Coombe               Bertram Leon                    HECTOR'S YARD

Whitgift               Roger Lewis                       EVENTIDE

Arnhem                Roger Lewis                       INTO THE LIGHT

Wandle                Roger Lewis                       SUMMER STREAM

Old Palace           Sue Mears                          PINK SNOWBERRY

Coombe               Sue Mears                          ANTHURIUM

Fairfield               Sue Mears                          I NEVER FORGET

Coombe               Sue Mears                          TRIO OF SUNFLOWERS

Old Palace           Sue Mears                          EVERLASTING SWEETPEA

Wandle                Elizabeth Mosby               GREEK MORNING

Wandle                Elizabeth Mosby               AFTERNOON, TRAFALGAR SQUARE

Old Palace           Elizabeth Mosby               MYKONOS, SIX WINDMILLS

Wandle                Elizabeth Mosby               INTO THE LIGHT

Wandle                Elizabeth Mosby               NO. 87 BELVEDERE ROAD

Fairfield               Claire Murthy                    MAGICAL BEES AND FLOWERS

Old Palace           Claire Murthy                    WIZARD THE BARN OWL

Arnhem                Archie Niven                      HUB

Arnhem                Archie Niven                      RAMBLING INTO THE LIGHT

Old Palace           Archie Niven                      A WALK IN THE SUN

Arnhem                Archie Niven                      HONFLEUR, LE VIEUX BASSIN

Whitgift               Archie Niven                      ROTATION

Wandle                Raymond Ore                    BOX HILL

Whitgift               Raymond Ore                    MAPLEDURHAM

Whitgift               Raymond Ore                    MORDEN HALL PARK

Fairfield               Raymond Ore                    PORT ISAAC

Old Palace           Raymond Ore                    SOUTH NORWOOD COUNTRY PARK

Fairfield               Zoe Parker                         INTO THE LIGHT

Fairfield               Zoe Parker                         EVERY DAY YOU PLAY WITH THE LIGHT OF THE UNIVERSE

Coombe               Zoe Parker                         EMBROIDERED ARBORE TRIBESWOMAN

Whitgift               Karen Plummer                 THE MYSTERY OF APPEARANCE 1 (Karl)

Whitgift               Karen Plummer                 THE MYSTERY OF APPEARANCE 2 (GRAHAM)

Whitgift               Karen Plummer                 THE MYSTERY OF APPEARANCE 3 (life laid bare)

Arnhem                Caroline Ross                    MAELSTROM (BLUE)

Arnhem                Caroline Ross                    AMORPHOUS (PINK)

Coombe               Caroline Ross                    INTO THE LIGHT

Old Palace           Philip Sadler                      THAMES EMBANKMENT

Old Palace           Philip Sadler                      EMBANKMENT - AFTERNOON SUNSHINE

Whitgift               Philip Sadler                      COTTAGES AT GODSTONE

Whitgift               Philip Sadler                      THE LAST BUS FROM CUCKMERE HAVEN

Arnhem                Philip Sadler                      VIEW FROM WATERLOO BRIDGE

Fairfield               Jessica Saraga                   INSIDE OUTSIDE

Coombe               Jessica Saraga                   COAST

Wandle                Jessica Saraga                   ON WILDERNESS ISLAND

Wandle                Jessica Saraga                   THE BRIDGE AT HURLINGHAM

Whitgift               Jessica Saraga                   TO THE BEACH

Wandle                Avril Sleeman                    SOLO STUDY

Coombe               Avril Sleeman                    ALMOST ASLEEP

Fairfield               Avril Sleeman                    BESIDE THE SEASIDE

Old Palace           Avril Sleeman                    MORNING MIST, TASIILAQ

Fairfield               Avril Sleeman                    LA ROQUE GAGEAC

Whitgift               Miguel Sopena                  STILL LIFE WITH CHRYSANTHEMUMS

Wandle                Miguel Sopena                  CHERRY BLOSSOMS, PARK HILL PARK, CROYDON

Whitgift               Evi Trickey                          PARROT

Fairfield               Evi Trickey                          PINE MARTEN

Fairfield               Evi Trickey                          HARRY

Wandle                Evi Trickey                          KINGFISHER

Fairfield               Evi Trickey                          AUTUMN MEDLEY

Arnhem                Helen Tyndale-Biscoe     STILL LIFE

Arnhem                Helen Tyndale-Biscoe     LANE

Arnhem                Helen Tyndale-Biscoe     STILL LIFE, EVENING

Wandle                Anthony Waldbaum        LIFT-OFF

Wandle                Anthony Waldbaum        SADDLING THE DONKEY

Wandle                Anthony Waldbaum        VALLEY OF DESOLATION

Whitgift               Anthony Waldbaum        SOUTHERN RED BISHOP

Old Palace           Linda Wallis                       APPLE BLOSSOM

Coombe               Linda Wallis                       SUMMER ROBIN

Coombe               Linda Wallis                       STEPPING STONES

Wandle                Linda Wallis                       NORTH DOWNS WAY II

Arnhem                Andrew Wylie                   THE VENETIAN BOATYARDS, CHANIA

Old Palace           Andrew Wylie                   JUNGFRAUJOCH LIGHT

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