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Bertram O. Leon, SLPM


I like all form of art, as I enjoy individual creativity. My personal preference and mediums are watercolour, acrylic and oil; pencil drawing is also a favourite. My interest in art started from school, but I never followed it through, preferring to work professionally in other areas. I regard myself as an amateur artist with no formal training, so I would say I'm self-taught. I came back into art late, and it's bringing me great joy and peace into my life. 


I enjoy colour and lots of it, perhaps it's because I am from the Caribbean and everything is just so colourful in that part of the world. I now live in Croydon, which is just as green and beautiful on a good summer, and I get some wonderful inspiration. I like doing a multitude of subjects from portrait, landscape, and motion pictures to still-life. I was overjoyed when I was accepted in the Croydon Arts Society, as it was a personal achievement. 


I have entered my work in small local community exhibitions but nothing on the scale of a professional outfit. A number of my pictures have won prizes. Perhaps my greatest honour, which is not art related, was when my country honoured me with one of the states highest national award -  SLPM.


I enjoy visiting galleries and studying the works of past masters like  Rembrandt, Turner, Van Gough, Renoir, Monet, Constable, Leonardo da Vinci, I get much inspiration from their painting.  

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