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Miguel Sopena

Still Life with Lemon oil on paper 40x25

I am an artist and photographer originally from Valencia, Spain, but now based in Croydon. Before I became an artist I was a Physicist. The career change has been interesting, to say the least.


After I started drawing and painting on my own, I enrolled on a part-time Art and Design Foundation course at City College Brighton and Hove (now Greater Brighton Metropolitan College), which was an incredibly fun and formative experience. I then moved on to a Portraiture diploma at the Heatherley School of Fine Art in London where I learnt about traditional oil painting and the human figure.


Even though I still work in a figurative way, my interests as an artist are very diverse, and I am increasingly feeling the pull of abstraction. I often feel drawn towards different techniques and approaches and I find that developing more than one line of work at the same time refreshes me and adds depth to my practice.


I am lucky enough to have my studio at Turf Projects in Croydon, which is an incredibly friendly and vibrant artists' community.

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