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John Carlton

According to his parents, John started drawing at the age of three.   Not that the efforts of a three year old could in all honesty be called drawing.   He is sure that such tender beginnings could never be a threat to the prestige of artists such as, Sir Frank Brangwyn, Augustus John, J Lamorna Birch or Julius Olsson.   Nevertheless these forms of expression were quite natural and still live with him today.


John went to every exhibition that he could, attended lectures and demonstrations and read extensively the works of great artists from the turn of the century.


Being entirely self taught, the need to practise long and hard was always paramount in his efforts to achieve some measure of success.


It is certain that the early years did teach him much, and he now finds himself enjoying the fruits of his labours.   As a result John has given many demonstrations and held many exhibitions around the country.   There have also been many commissions, such as a calendar for SEGAS, and many private works which have gone abroad to the continent and to the USA.


One early achievement which gives him lasting pleasure was being accepted as a full member of The Croydon Art Society.
In 2015 he was made a Life Member of the Society

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