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Aferdita Fazliu-Drozd

Aferdita Fazliu-Drozd is a Hayes, based artist, whose art is an exploration of texture and tactility, often veering into the realm of sculptural beauty. Her distinctive style combines a wide array of materials, including plaster compound, fabrics, clay, and an assortment of found objects like twigs, shells, and cardboard. These elements are meticulously arranged to add depth and structure to her paintings, transforming each piece into a sensory experience.

Aferdita's work captures a unique fusion of nature, cherished memories, and the inspiration derived from her memorable holidays.

Since 2017 Aferdita shares her enthusiasm and love for art with children attending her art classes at “Little Painter Art Classes for Children” in Hayes. Currently Aferdita is attending the Powertex tutor training and will be running Powertex workshops from her studio in Hayes from May 2024.

Aferdita is member of the Bromley Art Society. Currently her work is exhibited at The Drawing Rooms Art Gallery in West Malling, Under the Rainbow Art Exhibition in Bluewater and at Shmile Dental Clinic in Bromley.

Past Exhibitions

Bromley Art Society exhibitions in Ripley Art Centre, Glades Shopping Centre, Beckenham Flower Show; The Art ̴ Love ̴ Life Affordable Art Fair in Crystal Palace, Dulwich Open House.

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