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Andrew Wylie

Like most painters, I am fascinated by the mysterious appeal of simple
shapes on a two-dimensional surface: what Chien Chung Wei calls "the
intrigue of form". What makes a painting attractive? There is no simple
answer, in fact, there may be many answers. It is the endless search for
a satisfying result that keeps me striving to ignite my creative muse
and to overcome the technical vagaries of the painting medium.
 I am largely self-taught, although I have attended workshops by some
excellent teachers. I mainly paint in watercolour, a notoriously
obstreperous medium, and in oil-pastel. I use the two quite differently:
in watercolour I paint figurative scenes of real life, in oil pastel, I
create more whimsical works from my imagination, often inspired by
popular culture. I also dabble in charcoal and graphite drawings, of
which two of mine hang in the Bank of England, and in pen & wash.

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