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Henry Jones

After 25 year gap, Henry began watercolour painting in 2013, before which, at Winchester School of Art in 1984/87 and various art events in the early 1990s, the menu offered large sculpture and installation work inspired by his mentor Cornelia Parker. The late 80s/early 90s brought a decade of freedom, travelling through the US, sharing a loft with Pat Brill, the now famous Bob and Roberta Smith, to the Far East and the Australian Outback, then returning to London, saw filled many sketchbooks with monochromatic ink drawings. Real life took over and the art stopped ... until now. An artist since he could hold a crayon, Henry finds Inspiration for painting everywhere, although large-scale subjects are a common theme: landscapes, cities, street scenes, people, machines, even images from television and the media. Confidence from hours spent painting, and a challenge within every work, are key to improvement. Every scene subconsciously prompts the question "How I can paint that - how I might capture light, movement and atmosphere - how can I keep my work looking fresh".

Henry has a belief that watercolour painting, in all its contemporary guises, is now subverting the established Bed, Shark and Ceramics of the wealthy and not-so-YBA movement, though this has yet to be proved.
Exhibition inclusions include:

  • 11-29 Oct 2016 > Croydon Art Society, 127th Annual Exhibition

  • August 2 -31 2016 > A2 Gallery, Wells (group exhibition)

  • March 2016 > A Reflection, Solo Exhibition, Ripley Arts Centre

  • March 2015 - July 2015 > Group show The Architects Gallery, Teddington

  • 5-11 July 2015 > Group show Holmfirth Art Week

  • April 2015 > Group show The Bury Art Festival, Bury

  • February 2015 > Horizon, Solo Show, Ripley Arts Centre

  • September 2014 > Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition

  • June 2014 > Real Somerset, A2 Gallery Open Show

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