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Zoe Akroyd Parker

ICAS blurb: Zoe Akroyd Parker

Originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, I adopted Croydon as my home in 2003. Halifax is famous

for its textiles trade and I brought my love of fashion and textiles down south with me. I completed

a degree in Textile Design and now teach Art and Textiles at a secondary school in London.

In the summer of 2015, I visited Ethiopia, which influenced the way that I work and my outlook on

the world. I was very much inspired by the power and beauty of the tribespeople that I met. I was

overwhelmed by their strength and confidence, in spite of the adverse conditions in which they live.

When I returned to the UK I created drawings, paintings and textile pieces inspired by the people

and their culture.

My work is very much about pattern and texture, whether I am looking at a landscape or a person. I

create drawings and paintings of parks and landscapes, inspired by my love of gardening and the


I also create fashion drawings, inspired by my love of unusual people, textured fabrics and cool


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